Personal Altar / Sacred Space Accouterments - Etched Selenite Square; FB1000

Personal Altar / Sacred Space Accouterments - Etched Selenite Square; FB1000

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This collection is similar to an abundance and prosperity crystal grid and layout I have had set up in my sacred space in a lovely small niche in my home.

This collection was chosen with intention in mind as well as pieces that would work wonderfully together or singly to enhance your personal space.

The green tray measures about 8.5" and is handmade and the candle holder is a solid slice of birch with a glass holder for a tealight at the top.  I really like combining wood and/or copper with my crystal grids and layouts.

The tumbled stones are chosen for abundance and prosperity as well as success and confidence.  You can visit my metaphysical index here Crystal Dragonfly Metaphysical Index for more attributes for the crystals in this collection.  

The square of selenite is embossed with an Om Mandala and I have also included a bloodstone bowl.  I like the positive and clearing energy of the selenite.

The bloodstone is considered to be a healing stone.  During the Middle Ages bloodstone was thought to have the ability to bring rain, greater consciousness, harmony and serenity.  It is sometimes call the Stone of Courage.  It is a stone of renewal – mental, physical and emotional and is said to aid in repairing of relationships.

It is also considered to be a prosperity stone.  Helps overcome anger, enables forgiveness. –prosperity, sharpens telepathy, abundance, wealth, eases emotional and physical stress, promotes safe journey –

Citrine, with orange calcite is a very desirable combination for prosperity and the green stones, the malachite and green aventurine are considered to be lucky stones.

The collection includes:

  • 4" Birch wood candle holder with tealight
  • 8 1/2" Square wood handmade tray
  • 2" Bloodstone bowl
  • Etched selenite square with Om mandala
  • 1 Tumbled Malachite
  • 1 Tumbled Tigers Eye
  • 1 Tumbled Orange Calcite
  • 2 Tumbled Citrine
  • 2 Tumbled Green Aventurine
  • 1 organza drawstring pouch
  • Crystal description cards for each of the crystals in the collection

Enjoy and Many ~Crystal Blessings~

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