Limited Collection - Australian Kunzite, Peridot, Sunstone, Birch Base for Joy; FB1009

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My daughter came home to visit one recent weekend and she helped me all morning with the crystals and watching her I was inspired to put together this crystal grid on a natural birch tree slice.

The tumbled stones are chosen for joy, peace and calm You can visit my metaphysical index here Crystal Dragonfly Metaphysical Index for more attributes for each of the crystals in this collection.   

The center piece is an Australian Kunzite cabochon surrounded by gemmy peridot which are encircled by 2 clear quartz star merkabas and two clear quartz mini pyramids. Also included are some sunstone tumbled stones for their happy and joyful and feminine energies :)

I have several birch slices and Australian kunzite pieces so it's possible I can make up to 4 to 6 of these collections :)

Enjoy and Many ~Crystal Blessings~

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