Sterling Silver Handcrafted Raven Gemstone Pendant; FB1054

Regular price $ 27.00

These very well made and handcrafted sterling silver pendants feature a raven and a gemstone cabochon.  Each piece was bathed in moonlight under one of our copper pyramids after retuning with vibrational sound with one of our Moon tuning forks.  Each pendant measures approximately 1 1/4" by 1 1/4" without the bale.

The Raven Totem Spirit represents wisdom and acts as a messenger. If this is your spirit totem you understand the delicate balance between light and dark and you are a conduit for messages for others. The raven is symbolic of intelligence and wisdom and as your totem can help you to uncover secrets from the past and otherworldly messages. As a pair they are said to guide you through the duality of right and wrong.

Each piece of jewelry also comes with a crystal description card and is gift boxed :)

If any are sold out please message me and I can have one made for you.

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