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Wear Shiva Eye for luck and protection. I always feel an "anticipatory" energy with shiva eye, as if it is attracting or drawing a surprise (pleasant) of some sort :)

Shiva Eye is found in Thailand and Indonesia in the shallow tropical waters off the coast.

This material is known to be the protective door found at the opening of the Turban Snail’s shell. Towards the end of the snail's life it detaches and sinks to the seabed. The pattern is formed naturally and is distinct, although of course with each piece there are variations.

One side has the distinctive swirl design and the opposite side is a mix of lovely muted plum and tan, and sometimes a bit of brick red hues.

Here is the information I received from an artist I know that creates these pretty pieces:
" Shiva Eye is a protective and lucky stone symbolizing the Third Eye of Shiva watching over the one who wears it. It represents the Eye of Shiva, who unites male and female. The spiral on the backside of the Shiva Eye symbolizes development and motion, a strong symbol for protection against bad energies"

The heart shape evokes feelings of love, safety, joy, emotions, connection, bonding & nurturing.  It is wonderful to use in healing grids, grids for relationships, joy & happiness.  Holding a carved stone heart in your hand can help to soothe & ease overwrought nerves.

Each piece was placed in one of our copper pyramids to be bathed in moonlight after re-tuning with vibrational sound with one of our Moon tuning forks.  These are offered individually and will come with a description card and a drawstring pouch.

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