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Glass Pyramids with Chakra colors, FB1111

$ 17.25

I asked the woman who makes my terrariums if she could make a chakra set for me. I love her work, each piece is made with re-purposed materials and they work so well with my crystals, and are so versatile, that I have kept several of her pieces to use with my crystal grids and other crystal arrangements. I have also given several as gifts with crystals and they were received with great joy :)
I have asked her to make some additional sets for me as they are created "to order". They are 17.25 each, measure about 3" and a complete set of 7 pyramids, each with one of the chakra colors as the bottom panel is 119.00 and this also includes a bottle of Chakra Oil from my source in the UK.
Please note the estimated shipping date is mid-April for the first batch of these :)

Type: Sacred Space



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