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Feather Smudger, 5 Feathers & Beads; FB2576

$ 16.00

Since antiquity feathers from various birds have been used for decorative purposes, rituals and ceremonies. Feathers are believed by many to contain the spirit and powers of the bird they can from and these attributes can be called upon to aid the user.

This beautiful smudger features white and brown feathers (duck feathers) and interesting beadwork on the handle.  It's a perfect tool to use to gently wave the smoke from your smudge sticks towards the corners of your room, to lend an air of ritual to smudging rituals and are also lovely to display.

These all vary a bit but measure about 11" to 12" long and about 3 1/2" to 4" wide.

The ceramic smudge pot and rose petal white sage smudge stick are available separately.

You can view a short youtube video on smudging here if you like 🦉




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