Fluorite Pyramids for self-confidence, education, healing, and imbalances; FB2169

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The power of the pyramid!  Pyramids are a fabulous shape to use at the center of your crystal grid, personal altar, sacred space or to display on its own.  

Pyramids are credited with creating a protective energy field, boosting your individual vibrations, helping to direct your intentions or thoughts to result in a manifestation of those needs, and focusing the inherent metaphysical properties of the crystal they are constructed from and / or any surrounding crystals upwards through its apex.

These pyramids are carved from Fluorite which is a good crystal for overcoming disorganization. It cleanses, purifies and reorganizes imbalances within the body. Fluorite has a wonderful stabilizing effect. Fluorite is also known as the "stone of discernment" as it is used to find truth in that which has been concealed.

Use this crystal to neutralize negative energy and stress or to bolster self-confidence. Fluorite is also used to help with learning and educational endeavors so it is wonderful to give to a student.

All of our crystals are retuned with vibrational sound before being bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.  Your pyramid will ship to you with a crystal description card.

These pyramids measure about 2 1/4" along each side.

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