Gemstone Chip Pendant in Silver Plated Window Setting; FB2107

Material: Rose Quartz
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Pretty and unique gemstone chip pendants that can be used as a pendant or hung from a chain or leather string in your car or home.  The window feature allows the stone chips to move freely and for light to shine through the piece.

Lapis Lazuli is called a Stone of Awareness, it helps one to be truthful and expressive in a loving way. It also can help calm and quiet a restless and preoccupied mind, thereby increasing concentration and reducing a confused state of mind. Can assist with strengthening psychic abilities and with opening the Third Eye.
Rose Quartz brings a warm, nurturing and loving energy to its environment and is very soothing to the heart. This stone is deeply in tune with your emotional states so it should be re-tuned periodically. It stimulates love and forgiveness, and heals emotional hurts such as loss, fear, low confidence, resentment and anger.

These measure about 2" and are quite sturdy and well made.  Each piece will come with a crystal description card and a drawstring pouch. 🦉


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