Golden Healer Quartz (yellow hematoid) Heart from Brazil FB2083

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Hematoid quartz exhibits pretty and rich color and beautiful patterns many times with lovely fissures throughout the piece.

These hearts have been hand polished and hand carved in Madagascar. This type of quartz combines the amplification qualities of quartz with the stability and balance of hematite.

It is used in grids to help with ADD and ADHD and can bring focus, concentration, calmness and a feeling of balance. These golden healer quartz are said to raise your energy vibration and are used during meditation to help to connect with source energy.

It is good to carry with you if you are experiencing feelings of being "all over the place", scattered or anxious. It also enhances clarity of thought and helps to keep feelings of stress at bay. This is a crystal that is also useful in grids addressing legal disputes or issues where a resolution is needed.

The heart shaped evokes feelings of calm, nurturing and love so I always am drawn to gemstone hearts.   Your heart will come to you with a crystal description card.

Each of our crystals have been re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

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