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Grounding Goddess Crystal Grid with Goddess Cloth; FB2233

$ 16.00 $ 39.00

A crystal grid is a combination of crystals placed in a geometric pattern.  A crystal grid can be placed on a tabletop, dresser, tile, gemstone slab or any other flat surface. 

This collection is available with the goddess altar cloth.  The cloth also is available separately.  Each cloth is deep blue with a silver goddess and Seed of Life silk screened by hand on one side. These measure 18" by 18" and comes with an info card with suggestions.

This is a lovely combination of stones/crystals chosen for their properties of grounding, courage, calm and protection.  

  • Red Tiger Eye – motivation, self- confidence
  • Pink Botswana Agate – Passion, for calm and soothing nerves and anxiety
  • Hematite – Grounding, manifestation, protective energy, courage, confidence
  • Amethyst – for calm, breaking free from addictive behavior, releasing anger and fear, spiritual connection, emotional balance, composure
  • Dragonfly Totem Charm - Represents mystery, power and wonder. A guardian that brings
    courage & strength during change.

This complete collection includes:

  • 4 tumbled red tiger eye
  • 4 tumbled pink Botswana agate
  • 9 small tumbled hematite
  • 2 dragonfly charms
  • 3 tumbled amethyst
  • 1 navy blue goddess crystal grid cloth or altar cloth
  • 2 drawstring pouches
  • 4 crystal description cards
  • 1 goddess mat suggested use and info card
  • 1 Dragonfly totem / spirit animal card

You can also purchase just the crystal grid (stones only) for $16 or just the blue goddess cloth (cloth only) for $31, or the complete set for $42

(You can see more detailed information on the metaphysical properties of the crystals in the Metaphysical Index).

Please remember that these are natural tumbled stones / crystals and as such there will be slight variations in color, size, shape and weight as each piece is unique.

These are considered to be mostly medium size, polished crystals measuring approximately .75" to 1" long, the hematite pieces are small size about .5" to .75"



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