Healing Notes- 60 Healing & Inspiration Card & Tumbled Stone with Pouch; FB2616

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I adore all types of cards. I am a card person! Affirmation, uplifting, thought of the day, oracle, tarot, Angel cards. I choose them based on how the artwork affects me, the messages in the cards, if I feel they are good for readings or daily affirmations and intuition.

These cards are a bit different than the usual decks in my collection and I think they are simply perfect for the unusual and stressful times that we are living in right now with all the sickness and uncertainty that is affecting everyone around the world.

Each Healing Note in this deck carries a powerful message of hope and inspiration.  You can take a picture of one that calls to you and email or text to a loved one who could use a bit of uplifting or who is experiencing pain or distress. 

You can surprise someone by mailing it along with a personal message on the back of the card you choose to send.  I am including a rose quartz or amethyst tumbled stone with a drawstring pouch that can also be given with the card to someone special. 
If you have a small totem stone, carved animal or word stone in your collection that conveys your thoughts, some inspiration, or a similar message you can pair that piece with the card of your choosing for a very personal and uplifting gift.

Never underestimate the power of words to help and heal. Each of us can be a blessing to someone who needs inspiration and I was so happy to find these cards for myself as a way to bring some love and healing to those around me who could benefit from a simple gesture.
The cards measure measure 2.875” x 2.875” and 60 cards are included in the magnetic hinged box.

Enjoy, Be Well, Be Safe, and many ~Crystal Blessings~

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