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Engraved Heart Polished Totem Stones - de-Stress! Assorted Gemstones

$ 6.75

I am a big fan of worry and soothing stones.  Soothing Stones are one of my favorite polished crystal shapes. I sometimes use them as the center of a crystal grid, but most likely I'll find one in my pocket or bag, or sometimes in the bottom of my washing machine because I do like to carry them with me. I think soothing stones are a great replacement for stress balls. A repetitive task such as stroking a soothing stone or squeezing a stress ball may help by redirecting your stress to the physical activity of your hand. I find the cool, smooth surface of the crystal much nicer than a rubber ball and they also make a very nice gift for co-workers :)

These are availble in various crystals  including obsidian, snowflake obsidian, rose quartz, white howlite, green aventurine and tiger iron.

These soothing stones have a great, smooth, shiny polish to them and they are all unique shapes measuring just under 1 1/2" to 1 3/4"long with the Heart symbol etched into the surface and painted in gold. 

Enjoy your visit!

Type: Totem Stones



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