Hurricane Inspired Collection, August 2017; FB1296

Hurricane Inspired Collection, August 2017; FB1296

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Copper is an energy conductor and excellent for using near or with your crystals and Spirit Quartz is full of life and clearing energy.  I enjoy the gentle energies of any variety of opal and lithium quartz is a must have for minimizing anxiety and bringing some calm.

The card attached to this collection says:

This collection was inspired during Hurricane Harvey,
in Galveston County, on the Gulf Coast of Texas. 

The inspiration was the amazing and intense power of
Mother nature and the electric energy that swept
through our town during the storm that traveled along
the Texas coastline.
The copper piece represents the power we felt as the
winds swept around us, the Mexican Opal (orange) & the
Yellow opal reminded me of when the waves recede &
there is calm in the air.  The lithium quartz is for
soothing the mind, and the Spirit Quartz is a crystal of
harmony, energy & peace & makes a lovely focal point.
Carry these with you in a medicine bag or keep in a dish
on your desk or night table.

All the items in this collection were under my copper pyramids during the first evening of the storm and I will keep them there for the duration ☔

They have also been retuned with an Om tuning fork and will come to you with a drawstring pouch as well as the information card.


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