Crescent Moon Face Carving with Velvet Drawstring Pouch FB2091

Material: Sunstone
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I love these large carved moon faces!  These pieces measure about 5" tall by 3 1/4" wide and weigh just about or over 1lb. Each have beautiful and rich colors and / or patterns and a lovely whimsical man in the moon carving on one side.🌙

This type of carving is perfect to use as a meditation focal point or as the center of any crystal grid or arrangement.  These definite command attention and each one truly draws you in.

Your moon will come with a velvet pouch and a matching crystal description card.  Each piece has been re-tuned with vibrational sound, daubed with rose quartz magickal oil and bathed in moonlight under a full moon 🌕

  • Purple Fluorite, 3 available, $49 each
  • Green Aventurine 1 available, $42
  • Red Aventurine, 1 available, $42
  • Rose Quartz, 1 available, $45
  • Sunstone, 1 available, $52

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