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Mini Ritual/Altar/Chime Candles, Om candle holder Color Intention Card; FB1855 🚛🏡🚛Moving Special🚛🏡🚛

$ 10.00

Adding candles to your rituals when creating crystal grids, manifesting or for other personal or sacred times is a wonderful practice. I use candles almost daily and find it enhances my card readings, sets the right tone when I create new grids, and I find the flame quite mesmerizing when I am unwinding.

Colors, like fragrances, can evoke memories and certain feelings within us.  Using certain colors as a visual cue during focused manifestation, Affirmations, or meditation is another “layer” you can add to enhance the experience and help propel you towards a desired outcome.

This collection includes:

  • 1 ceramic chime candle holder with Om symbol on one side
  • 20 assorted chime / altar candles
  • 1 Laminated info card explaining using color with your crystal grids and manifestation workings and suggested uses for assorted colors.

Type: Sacred Space



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