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Mini Ritual / Altar / Chime Candles with Essential Oil Blends and Dried Herbs

$ 9.00

Adding candles to your rituals when creating crystal grids, manifesting or for other personal or sacred times is a wonderful practice. I use candles almost daily and find it enhances my card readings, sets the right tone when I create new grids, and I find the flame quite mesmerizing when I am unwinding.

If you would like a candle bundle of all the same color, you will receive 7 candles which have been bathed in Moonlight with White Sage, Cedar, Copal, Desert Sage & Lavender infused with Ritually Charged Black Tourmaline Anointing Oil under a copper pyramid. - Single color bundles are 9.00

Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Darker Blue and Purple

Chakra Candle bundles include 1 candle in all 7 chakra colors which have been bathed in Moonlight with Moroccan Rose Petals and Patchouli Leaves infused with a blend of Rose essential & Patchouli Anointing Oil under a copper pyramid. - Chakra candle bundles are 11.00

Single color White candles (7 each) or Single color Black candles (7 each) have been bathed in moonlight with dried Feverfew and Lemongrass and an essential oil blend of pure lemon and peppermint under a copper pyramid. The white candles can be used for clearing and cleansing, and the black for protection among other intentions. The all white or all black bundles are available for 11.00

Each bundle comes with an organza drawstring pouch, an info card and some of the herb blend they rested on in the pyramid which is great for adding to a medicine bag or burning in an incense burner.

This batch of candles are a teensy bit big at the bottom for my mini ritual candle holders so I needed to trim them a bit at the bottom. The Tree of Life & Goddess candles holders are 5.50 each and the color glass candle holders are available separately for 4.25 each.

Type: Sacred Space



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