Money Magick Ritual Kit FB3300

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 🌙 You can create a Mystic Money Bowl, a Money Jar, or perform a Green Growth Candle Ritual with the included herbs and crystal in this set.

It contains all the materials and instructions needed for your own money magick rituals!

✨ Includes: - Star anise 5g/.18 oz - Pyrite ~10mm - Jasmine 5g/.18 oz - Chamomile 3g/.10 oz - Cinnamon 5g/.18 oz 

If you have tiger eye, citrine and orange calcite tumbled stones feel free to add these also as they are a great combination for prosperity intention grids or rituals.  A gemstone or copper bowl also enhance the manifestation, but any bowl you have will do :)

These are a pre-order with the next batch expected to arrive some time in the next 12 to 16 days.  Pre-orders need to be reserved and paid for in advance to be included  on the wait list.

😊 The copper bowl, citrine, tiger eye and orange calcite are available separately


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