Goddess Figurines, Moon, Spring, Lotus, Nurturing, Eagle and more :) FB1154

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These goddesses, along with the sitting goddesses in our collections, are a perfect addition to your personal altar or sacred space.  They each represent different aspects of life, knowledge, ancient wisdom or traits we wish to nurture within ourselves.  

When placed among your most treasured items, they can act as a visual reminder and an inspiration to you.

  • Green with Dragonfly and flowers - Nurturing Goddess - The Nurturing goddess represents Mother Nature that cares and feeds all of its inhabitants. $17.75 (she is holding a tea light holder with a candle over her head)  she is 7.5" and about 2" in diameter.
  • The Green Tree Goddess is a pale green and has mossy leaves and is 9.5" tall.  She plants her roots deep into the Earth to receive abundance, while she raises her arms toward the heavens, acquiring sacred knowledge.
  • The Spring Goddess is a cream color with gold accents and stands about 5.5" tall. She represents the celebration of Life. This goddess also conveys the message that when women will tap into their unique essence and bond together they will have the power to transform the world.
  • The Owl Goddess is a cream color goddess with eyes that are all seeing.  She represents wisdom and intuition.  She stands 5.5" tall
  • The Eagle Goddess is a lovely cream colored goddess statue with an image of a woman's face and an eagle in her center.  She serves to remind us to live in balance. With her arms pointing up to the heavens she carries messages from the earth to the creator - she is 5.5" tall.
  • The Moon Goddess is cream colored and stands holding the moon in both hands.  She represents the power of lunar energy and a strong, powerful, yet feminine energy.  She stands 7.5" tall.
  • The lovely Shaman Goddess nurtures the earth and all of her creatures.  The carved feathers that swirl around her body link her to the heavens and ground her to the earth. The blue/turquoise colored beads  represent balance.  She stands about 5.5" tall.
  • The Lotus Goddess holds a jeweled lotus above her calling forth purity from the heavens. A natural dark brown finish highlights the figurine's carved details.
  • The Chakra Goddess is a lovely figurine featuring small stones representing the 7 major chakras.  She also comes with a small card with one word assigned to each chakra. She stands about 5 1/2" tall.

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