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Om / Lotus Tools to attract abundance and enhance meditation; FB1261

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The word / sound Om is an ancient Sanskrit letter originating around 1300 BC (give or take).  It is a sacred sound, a spiritual icon and a mantra.  For some, it can represent a universal vibration, and many use this sound to help them reach a state where they can enter into meaningful meditation.

These frosted votive candle holders have the symbol Om with a Gold Lotus emblazoned on one side and will come to you with a soothing green Abundance essential oil candle that has been Reiki charged.  You will also receive a card with an appropriate affirmation which complements the candle.

You also have Serpentine, a Heart Chakra stone, which attracts abundance into your life and enhances meditation.  A lovely Selenite Desert Rose is also included, known for bringing clarity, prosperity,. calms the mind and enhances intuition.

You will receive crystal description cards, an abundance affirmation card and a selenite care card as part of this collection

These are wonderful tools to use as sensory cues to enter a calm state that is receptive to the energy and messages around you and to encourage a relaxed and peaceful meditative state.  

You can focus on the beautiful Desert Rose and hold the serpentine tumbled stone and repeat the affirmation for abundance.  If you have tiger eye, jade, citrine, orange calcite or green aventurine you can create a crystal grid for abundance using the Desert Rose as he center piece :)

Each and every one of our crystals are retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

I love this Mini Meditation Collection and I hope you do too :)

~Crystal Blessings~



Sold Out