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Opalite Pocket Heart - Stone of Eternity - Attracts Guardians - Protection

$ 6.25

These Opalite Pocket hearts have excellent sheen and the polished surface looks glossy.  These hearts have a lovely soothing energy that makes them extremely appealing and perfect for a personal amulet pouch. 

Opalite is called the Stone of Eternity. Opalite teaches us to look within and to reach for the stars. This is a man made stone that is a type of glass fused with metal that possesses the following metaphysical properties.  Considered to be a "subtle" stone, it is said to enhance sexual prowess and the sexual experience, it is a general healing stone, and it good when going through transitions that are taxing on our emotions. 

An excellent stone for meditation it also removes blockages to the Chakras and helps us to communicate better.  It attracts our Guardians and Angelic beings to us for guidance and protection.  It is also known for helping us to release our fears and anxieties and for soothing the nerves.   A good stone to keep near one in order to help interpret and understand the messages sent to us in our dreams, and a wonderful addition when added to a crystal grid with the intent of bringing  peace and serenity to a place or situation.  

It is also said to be a stone of love as it encourages long lasting bonds between partners, but only if each one is true to the other.  It is also credited with bringing success to business ventures.  

- Chakra clearer, Angelic connection, fear and anxiety releaser, dream interpretation, peace, business success, serenity - 

Opalite is a man-made stone

Type: Heart



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