Orthoceras Polished Teardrop Pieces from Morocco FB2149

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Fossils in general are a wonder to behold.  Millions of years old these Orthoceras are considered to be the ancestors of our current day squid and are now only found fossilized in black marble.  Most, such as these, are found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

There is a strong current that reminds me of everything strong, vital and spirited. It has a resounding grounding energy that brings one to a place where they can be ready to make a change or transform themselves.  

These are excellent healing crystals and help one to deal with and resolve past life issues. All in all, these are simply wonderfully powerful crystals.

These carved pieces have been daubed with Job's Tears anointing oil, retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

🌺  You will also receive a crystal description card with your piece.



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