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Even I am amazed at the hundreds of pieces I have collected over 20+ yrs!  These small groupings include mainly pieces that I have used in amulet bags, crystal grids, all sorts of crystal arrangements and medicine bags.

They each have been recently retuned with vibrational sound and kept in one of my copper pyramids during both new and full moons.

Any copper pieces need a good rub down with some copper polish (ie, the copper cube and the copper pyramid).  The two beautiful quartz points were recently damaged during my recent move.  Any chips or damages I found are noted for the individual pieces.

Each "set" is offered for $7.00 each so take a peek and see if any call out to you.  These are not bagged individually, or labeled, by stone type in most cases and I will include a drawstring pouch for the collections that include smaller pieces.

The tumbled and rough pieces were those that I was most drawn to from the 100's that come through here every year and I think they are special 💙

  • A – aventurine sphere, small wood stand, agate stand
  • B – Double sided Buddha carved quartz, large golden healer quartz tumbled stone
  • C – Clear Quartz point from Brazil, damaged during move
  • D – Bruised collection with large calcite piece, some (not chipped) tumbled stones, quartz natural point, chipped glass altar candle holde
  • E – Polished blue lace agate, clear quartz hand pebble, rhodonite, lapis + additional tumbleds
  • F – Soapstone box with inlaid lid and some dried rose petals (will add some assorted tumbleds)
  • G – Solid copper cube (needs polish) on new display stand
  • H- Large clear quartz polished point, damaged during move
  • I – Om copper bowl (needs a good polish)
  • J – Sunstone oval cabochon, clear quartz Buddha carving, mini phantom quartz point, black obsidian cube
  • K – Large polished aquamarine tumbled, amethyst w/hematite piece, lapis, blue lace agate tumbled
  • L – Septarian cabochon, gemstone chips, aventurine Inspiration Wordstone, root chakra circle
  • M – Back flow leaf incense burner (used twice for FB video)
  • N – Brass hammered bowl with Always rose quartz word stone
  • O – Copper / clear quartz pendulum (small knot in chain), tumbled charoite, pietersite, mini peridot, moonstone, Ocean Jasper hand pebble
  • P – Clear Quartz Buddha carving, quartz point, mini smoky point, tumbled bloodstone, selenite
  • Q – Carnelian stretchy bracelet, clear quartz mini cluster, tumbled cacoxenite, clear quartz carved piece
  • R – Tumbled zoisite, totem / spirit stone (bear and eagle)
  • S – Soapstone smudge bowl (needs a bit of touch up in center), white howlite Power word stone
  • T – Glass Blessed Be votive holder, snowflake obsidian word stones, Serenity and Balance
  • U – Copper 4” pyramid (needs a good polishing) with clear quartz pyramid affixed to top, rose quartz word stone Forgive
  • V – Australian opal in ironstone pendant
  • W – Kaleidoscope Jasper heart cabochon, carved mini clear quartz pyramid, obsidian tumbled
  • X – Selenite chunk, amphibole mini polished point

~ Enjoy, and Many Crystal Blessings ~

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