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πŸ₯• Personal Collection Grab Bags πŸ₯• FB2488

$ 8.00

  • A – 6” by 6” hand painted tile, Flower of Life pattern, sodalite reiki pyramid and tiger eye Vision Wordstone $11
  • B – Natural horn Om bowl with three purple amethyst natural points $7
  • C – Flower of Life embroidered drawstring pouch, three tumbled blue lace agate, 2 natural clear quartz, 3 purple amethyst points $8
  • D – Glass cone incense holder (or small sphere holder), brass cone incense holder with lid (needs a good polish) 2 boxes of cone incense, purple amethyst natural point $7
  • E – 6” by 6” hand painted tile, Square Rose sacred geometry pattern, blue aventurine reiki pyramid, dragon totem and snowflake obsidian Gratitude Wordstone $12.75
  • F – 6” by 6” hand painted tile, Flower of Life sacred geometry pattern, smoky quartz pyramid (one or two nicks), quartz rough and black obsidian Clover for Luck totem stone $11
  • G – Very clear, clear quartz pendulum, chain needs a polishing and maybe slight nick, tiger eye Happiness word stone $6
  • H- Very clear, clear quartz pendulum, chain needs a polishing and maybe slight nick, white howlite Laugh word stone $6
  • I –Aventurine bowl, sparkly small pecos diamond cluster, really interesting small moonstone, and beautiful tumbled tiger eye with red and gold stripes $17
  • J – Green fuchsite rough, pretty, green color and a lovely stone $7
  • K – I rarely come across these, this is rough peridot and it’s a pretty interesting piece $9
  • L – My favorite organic soap (I worked with a soap maker to produce these) 😊 paired with a green aventurine Joy word stone $7
  • M – Laminated color chakra base, layered chakra stone pyramid, aventurine and red jasper chakra soothing stones $9
  • N – Blue kyanite blades, black obsidian arrowhead very pretty clear quartz Embrace word stone $10
  • O – Beautiful carnelian carved heart from Madagascar, flat chip at the top, but doesn’t detract from this pretty piece $8
  • P – Selenite matte pyramid (tiny nicks), amethyst chevron tumbled, angelite tumbled, moonstone tumbled and amethyst natural point $8
  • Q – Tumbled bloodstone, tumbled angelite, 3 purple amethyst points, tumbled moonstone $6
  • R – 2 purple amethyst natural points, tumbled agate, tiny pink shell flower $4
  • S – Azurite β€œberry”, tumbled jet, quartz point $11
  • T – Smoky quartz cluster $7
  • U – Clear quartz cluster with rose quartz Trust word stone $8
  • V – Pretty, pink rhodochrosite heart, quite lovely $12
  • W – Tumbled coffee moonstone, tumbled amethyst, clear quartz, tumbled agate $3
  • X – Mini polished natural citrine point with small pecos diamond cluster $7
  • Y -Β  Nittraj premium incense, 3 packs with wood holder $14
  • Z - Om premium incense, 3 packs with wood holder $9
~ Enjoy, and Many Crystal Blessings ~



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