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Personal Collection Pieces - January 10

$ 8.00

I can't believe I am still unpacking my own personal collections, in addition to the boxes for the shop!  These are a few from my personal collection.  They have spent many moons getting lunar baths, tons of time hanging out in my copper pyramids and have been my companions when I am doing my midnight readings.

Some pieces may need a light polish or bath, but all of them have been loved and are wonderful additions to anyone's collection.

  1. #1 - Ocean Jasper palm stone, very pretty and great for bonding $8
  2. #2 - Ocean Jasper Drusy palm stone, very pretty and great for bonding $8
  3. #3 - 2" copper pyramid, definitely needs some copper polish 😊, $4
  4. #4 - Hematite Offering Carving - I love these for setting in a shallow dish with gemstone chips or sand, surrounding with tumbled or natural stones and placing an affirmation beneath  $8
  5. #5 - Yellow / Green Fluorite Bowl, love these for holding all sorts of small treasures! $14
  6. #6 - Rough green fuchsite piece, serene and calming color & energy $7
  7. #7 - A really interesting amethyst heart with a raised triangle in the center.  I have never seen another like it. $7
  8. #8 - A large really nicely shaped hematite palm stone, very grounding $10
  9. #9 - Oval amethyst cluster - this one was on my book case in my office $5

Type: Sacred Space



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