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Pink Stones with Garnet Flower of Life Collection, FB1927

$ 26.00

This collection is perfect for creating a crystal grid to bring some calming and nurturing order to chaos or upheaval going on in your life.

Pink stones tend to be considered as loving and nurturing stones with a soothing energy and garnet is one stone I use for centering and balance during times of upheaval, change and turbulent times.

This collection includes:

  • A velveteen drawstring pouch embroidered with the Flower of Life
  • 4 lovely tumbled garnets
  • 4 small pink opals
  • 2 medium pink chalcedony
  • 1 clear quartz pyramid from Brazil
  • Crystal description cards

You can set up your crystal grid right on top of the pouch to combine the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life with your grid or on any flat surface or base of your choosing :) 


For more detailed information on the metaphysical properties of the stones in this collection please feel free to visit the metaphysical index on the main website here:

Crystal Dragonfly Metaphysical Index

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