Positive Astrology Cards - Card Deck and Guidebook; FB1500

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I adore these cards. I am a card person! Affirmation, uplifting, thought of the day, oracle, tarot, Angel cards. I choose them based on how the artwork affects me, the messages in the cards, if I think they are good for readings or daily affirmations and intuition.

The artwork appeals to me greatly and I love the messages in my collection of cards. 

And if like me, you have a large collection, this one also makes a welcome and refreshing addition.

Enhancing your Life Through Astrology in Positive Ways

Positive Astrology Cards are designed for both beginners and experienced astrologers to unlock the ancient wisdom of the stars. With the colorful 73-card deck, the detailed guidebook assists you in understanding your natal chart and your personality. Illustrated instructions teach you how to best utilize the qualities of the zodiac’s daily and monthly cycles for abundance and success. Learn to give readings with a positive approach to enrich the lives of yourself and others.  

The set consists of:                        
12 Zodiac Sun Signs Cards                        
12 Zodiac Moon Signs Cards                        
12 Zodiac Ascendant Signs Cards                        
10 Planets Cards                        
12 House System Cards                        
10 Further Astrology Cards                        
5 Guide Cards                        
76-page illustrated Guidebook                        

Krystal Savoy is an intuitive astrologer, graphic designer, writer and entrepreneur. She graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Enjoy, and many ~Crystal Blessings~

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