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Positive Energy Grid for success in legal, business or family matters with Grounding & Protection

$ 25.00

This is a grid I created at the request of a a lovely lady who was experiencing some difficulties including legal issues, relationship stress and much negative energy coming from outside sources.  I created a combination of crystals to address these various issues and to bring some positive energy to her space as well.  

I since have received several requests for a grid for people dealing with legal issues and negative people and events in their lives that are disrupting the peace and positive energy they are seeking and deserve.

I have chosen this combination of crystals based on their metaphysical properties and with the intent of bringing grounding, positive energy, success in legal, business or family matters, abundance and protection from negative energy:

5 Black Tourmaline
2 Citrine
4 Selenite
2 Green Aventurine
2 Unakite
1 Fire Agate

There are enough crystals in this set to create a crystal grid and carry some crystals with you in one of the pouches.   Included in this collection are:

  • 2 Drawstring Pouches (one to store the crystals, and one for you to carry with you if you chose)
  • 16 Tumbled Stones (identified above)
  • 1 Crystal Information Sheet, explaining the relevant properties of these crystals
  • 1 Affirmation Sheet to use with the Crystal grid

All my crystals have been smudged with sage and then bathed in moonlight.  They rest for a full 25 hours in one of my Copper Pyramids and then are carefully packed away.  All packages are also shipped with a pamphlet on using crystals in grids.

The hand painted Tree of Life Sacred Geometry tile is not part of this set but is available separately.  You can add a sodalite slab or a moss agate slab from the Polished Crystals / Slabs section to add the metaphysical properties of those crystals to this grid if you like.

A Moss Agate slab will add the properties of abundance, healing, and protection, while a Sodalite slab will add communication and objectivity and clarity. 

Smudge sticks are available here if you are looking for a new smudge stick :) 

Thank you and I wish you a successful outcome.



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