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Prosperity Platform Copper Pyramid Collection

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In addition to being a wonderful Sacral Chakra crystal, Orange Calcite balances the emotions, helps to combat depression, releases fear and enhances creativity. I have chosen Orange Calcite for this collection because using Orange Calcite in combination with Citrine is excellent for manifesting prosperity.

This collection includes two special pieces: a small clear quartz pyramid, and a small clear quartz sphere. They are a good size for the included 4" copper platform pyramid and you can either place the pyramid at the top of the platform to send your intention upwards, or if you create a grid where you want the energy to be sent out into your immediate environment you can place the sphere on the platform. These pieces just rest on the platform and are not affixed in any way. Some people choose to affix a certain crystal permanently to the platform once they choose one that they would like to always be there.

The stone donut is included as a stand for the sphere as well as two orange calcite and two citrine tumbled stones which used together are wonderful prosperity crystals. I am also sending a cardstock base with the words health, joy, abundance, and love on the corners and placement markers for your crystals.

You can change out the calcite and citrine for other crystals depending on the intention of the grid you would like to create. These pieces make a wonderful additional to any collection.



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