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Protection & Calm Crystal Collection in Velvet Pouch - Medicine Bag

$ 10.00

In honor of Tropical Storm Bill who decided to make landfall not far from us I created several of these Protection Medicine Bags.  You can read about the Medicine Bag in my June blog here

I decided on selenite, rose quartz, black onyx, rainbow fluorite and pyrite.  I wanted to combine protection crystals with those that encourage a connection with and protection from the Spiritual Realm, and that are calming and soothing during times of stress.

Selenite can evoke protection from the Angelic Realm, dispels negative energy and it is calming and soothing, while bringing a sense of deep peace and tranquility.  You can use it in a grid around your home by placing it in a grid in select rooms of your house to create a peaceful and safe space.  
Rose Quartz - is calming, reduces stressful feelings and brings a loving energy to its environment.
Black Onyx - is a powerful protection stone and helps prevent the drain of personal energy.
Rainbow Fluorite - has an energy that discourages the chaotic and disruptive while absorbing negative energy and stress.
Pyrite - is a shielding and protection stone protecting against all types of negative energy.  It has also been said to protect one from physical danger.  Pyrite is also considered a "lucky" stone.

You will receive one each of the tumbled stones / crystals above and a Velvet pouch, an i-Ching Coin, along with an info sheet.  Enjoy!



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