Protection Grid with Triangle in Circle Layout; FB1392

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The intention of this collection is Protection, so I have included: 

  • 1 Triangle in Circle Layout
  • 3 tumbled Smoky Quartz
  • 6 tumbled Prehnite with Epidote
  • 1 Black Tourmaline Hand Pebble 
  • 1 drawstring pouch
  • 1 info sheet 

Smoky Quartz is a grounding and protection stone.  It is said to protect you from energies you perceive as negative as well as being a stone of psychic protection.

Black Tourmaline is a fabulous stone for joy and serenity, as well as protection.   

Prehnite with Epidote is included for its energies that promote a healing environment and to enhance protective fields.

I like to use a Triangle representing your space/home, within a Circle of abundance and protection.  Place your crystals in a symmetrical pattern on the layout while stating the intent of the grid.   

By placing your crystal grid (the arrangement of crystals in a geometric pattern) on the Sacred Geometry layout you are layering both the crystal energies with Sacred Geometry to create an even more powerful tool to help your manifestations.

You can also use a dry erase marker to jot important words to further enhance your crystal grid.

Each crystal has been retuned with vibrational sound and then bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

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