*QuickPost* for Sets of 3 Soothing, Calming Tumbled Stones; FB2265

Size: A - Set of 3 tumbled Pink Chalcedony
Sale price$ 4.00
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Here's a limited time QuickPost for sets of 3 tumbled stones for calming, nurturing, soothing and peace.  

These can be combined to make a crystal grid, included in your other crystal arrangements, placed in a bowl on a desk or night table, or carried together in a drawstring pouch.  

  • A - Set of 3 tumbled Pink Chalcedony - $4.00 
  • B - Set of 3 Chrysoprase free form - $3.00
  • C - Set of 3 tumbled Russian Amazonite - $4.00
  • D - Set of 3 tumbled large Pink Botswana Agate - $5.00
  • E - Set of 1 of each (total of 4 tumbled pieces) - $6.00
  • F - Set of 12 tumbled pieces (3 each of pink chalcedony, chrysoprase, amazonite, pink Botswana agate) - $15.00

You will also receive crystal description cards and a drawstring pouch 🌺


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