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Rainbow Fluorite or Labradorite Nugget Necklace for inspiration, confidence and balancing energy; FB1011

$ 21.00

Rainbow Fluorite nugget necklace measuring about 16 inches long. Fluorite produces an energy that promotes aptitude, discernment and is said to assist with creating order from chaos. It provides a stabilizing energy, helping relationships and individuals flourish in a realm which is beneficial to both.In addition to cleansing and stabilizing the aura, it absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress.

Fluorite is also helpful for inspiring new ideas and keeping you focused and on task. Concentration is increased as well as self confidence, while it balances the positive and negative relationship of the mind. Fluorite heightens your intuitive powers and also helps you to see both reality and truth behind illusion, it encourages and sustains the ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being.

Enjoy! These hang about 16" to 17" down, and this necklace will come with a drawstring pouch and crystal description card :)

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