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Red Quartz Natural Points from Morocco

$ 12.00

These amazing points measure between 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" tall - the short points are thicker generally. These are a wonderful find and combine the amplification of energies from the quartz with the grounding and stability of hematite. They help those suffering from creative or emotional blocks and is said to assist in logic and analytical endeavors. A wonderful grounding crystal that can help you to find solutions to situations and issues by helping one to see all sides and points of view.

I have anointed these points with a manifestation anointing oil and placed them in a copper pyramid to be bathed in moonlight for more than one night. These points are wonderful to carry with you in a small personal medicine bag or as the centerpiece in a crystal grid.

21 points at 14.00 & one smaller 1 1/4" point for 9.00



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