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Red Tiger Eye Small Sphere FB2780

$ 9.00

Red Tiger's Eye can give a boost if you are not feeling motivated and feeling lethargic. It helps with bolstering self-esteem and confidence, opens one up to unconditional love, and is also helpful in the area of a low libido.

This is a stimulating stone and can encourage enthusiasm. Used with the Root Chakra it can ground sexual understanding into the physical world, or help one to work towards resolving intimacy issues that are detrimental in a relationship. 

These spheres come with a drawstring pouch and a crystal description card which makes them wonderful for gifting to yourself or a friend.

Each one has been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

The color of these is a burnished red - gold - the camera couldn't pick up the true color in the bright sun but the color is lovely and these are highly polished.

O is about 42mm and is $16, R is about 36mm and is $14, the remaining spheres are about 33mm and are $9 each.

Type: Sphere



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