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Reiki Charged Dragonfly Wishing Dish; FB1265

$ 16.00

A wishing dish is a bowl or dish with an image or symbol on it that represents something to you, whether it's spiritual, a goal, a desire to change something, or anything that has meaning to you.

I have chosen a dragonfly for these dishes as they are not only my totem/spirit animal but I know many of you also feel an affinity or are drawn to dragonflies.

The Dragonfly Totem Spirit represents change, prosperity, good luck, strength, harmony, peace and purity. It reminds us that we must pay attention to our sub-conscious thoughts as they come to the surface, to pay attention to the lessons that we need to learn.

I also include a suggested use sheet :) You can place a note, wish, desire, or hope under the dish and place any special crystals that you feel drawn to place there.

Each piece is Reiki charged and the highest quality quartz clay and glazes are used to maximize the vibrational frequencies.


Type: Pottery



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