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Reiki Symbol Etched Pyramids, FB2633

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This is an assortment of stone pyramids etched with Reiki symbols on all four sides.  The apex (point) of the pyramid sends its energy straight upwards and I find it my “go to” center piece for a crystal grid when I create manifestation grids for something I want to create or manifest in the physical world.  

The pyramid is a powerful, ancient shape and many believe that its shape creates enhanced energy fields.  This shape is also credited with facilitating a deeper focus and enhanced healing during meditation.

Each one has been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.  Your pyramid will also come with a crystal description card.

  • Black Spinel, 2 available, $4.80 each
  • Amethyst, 1 available, $4.80
  • Sodalite, 1 available $4
  • Yellow Aventurine, 4 available, $4.80 each

Type: Pyramid



Sold Out