Restful Sleep Beaded Pouch Collection; FB1467

Restful Sleep Beaded Pouch Collection; FB1467

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A wonderful Restful Sleep collection that includes:
🐚 1 natural rose quartz
🐚1 orange calcite rough
🐚1 green calcite rough
🐚1 blue calcite rough
🐚1 sodalite tumbled stone
🐚a small lavender pouch filled with Lavender flowers from France 
🐚an organza embroidered and beaded pouch
🐚an info card with metaphysical properties for each item in the collection.

All chosen to help promote a restful sleep.

You may also place the rough pieces into a bath (I have been doing this for several years :)

Place the beaded pouch on your night table before bedtime, alongside the pouch of infused lavender flowers, acknowledge the crystals energies, and look forward to a peaceful and relaxing sleep :)

Enjoy, rest well, be happy!

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