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Ribbon Polychrome Jasper (Desert Jasper) Wands; FB1920

$ 27.00

Stunning and engaging.  These are fabulous to hold and mesmerizing to look at.

Feeling stressed or off balance?  It is a wonderful grounding stone which is also good for stability and when you feel you need some balance in your life.  Use this stone when you feel things are reeling a bit and you need to get your feet back on the ground and need focus to get things done.   It is a very nurturing stone that can bring you some tranquility.  It also is good to use when you need some support during stressful times.

These are hand carved and hand polished in Madagascar.  Each one is unique and each one has amazing colors, patterns and energy.  

The wand on the left is $27.00 and the wand on the right side is $35.00

Type: Wand



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