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Ritually Charged CHAKRA Magickal Oils, Bathed in Moonlight under Copper; FB1481

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I love rituals.  When I create a crystal grid it is an experience that includes using fragrances in the form of either candles, incense and sometimes infused oils blended with herbs, berries, bark, and many times, crystals. 

Using fragrances and oils is a sensory cue that helps me get into a good frame of mind for relaxing or creating a crystal grid. 

 All the ingredients in these oils are 100% natural, supplied by Fair Trade Merchants and are completely free of pesticides and herbicides.  The ingredients are pure and only organic wild herbs, barks, seeds and/or berries are used.  

The oil comes from England and some have been soaked with gemstones, others with herbs, berries, flowers or bark, for several months under a copper pyramid.  All created with intent by an experienced oil maker.

This oil is hand blended and ritually charged.  It is perfect to use when creating crystal grids, beginning meditation or to use when unwinding at the end of a long day.

Add to your bath water, candles or oil burners.  It can be used as a massage oil,  or place a few drops on a cotton ball so you can carry the scent with you.  Rub a few drops on the underside of your wrist or the inside the elbow.  You can also place a few drops on a piece of fabric and tuck inside your crystal medicine bag. 

With the Chakra Balancing Oil you will receive one 1/2 ounce bottle of infused oil, 1 drawstring pouch, a card-stock tag with use suggestions and a brief description, and an intuitively chosen crystal that I will select for you.

With the 7 oil set you will received one bottle corresponding to the 7 major chakras, a colorful and informative chart with a good amount of information relevant to the chakras.

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