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Rubellite (Red / Pink Tourmaline) Large and Puffy Heart; FB2669

$ 29.00

Rubellite has a very strong effect on the Heart Chakra, brings a vital and passionate energy not only for love, but for life and what is all around us. It is a stone for Love, Calm, Grounding and Balance.

It works to enhance or increase life-force energies and can bring one a strong feeling of zest for life and companionship with others. It is also considered to be a Root Chakra crystal and is credited with helping one to work through emotional issues. It is a good choice to use when mending or healing from a broken heart.

The heart shape evokes feelings of love, safety, joy, emotions, connection, bonding & nurturing.  It is wonderful to use in healing grids, grids for relationships, joy & happiness.  Holding a carved stone heart in your hand can help to soothe & ease overwrought nerves.

These pieces are large and puffy and have been daubed with Rose Quartz anointing oil, re-tuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

Type: Heart



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