Ruby Fuchsite Pocket Heart for vitality, the Spiritual Realm and sleep; FB1750

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These are pretty 1" Ruby Fuschite Pocket hearts some with a nicely carved shape and nice polish.  Some of them are also larger, either wider or a bit thicker.  

They are wonderful pieces for the center of a crystal grid or to display on their own or for a crystal medicine bag.  The heart shaped evokes feelings of calm, nurturing and love so I always am drawn to gemstone hearts.  This is a lovely heart to add to your collection.

This lovely combination of Ruby and Fuschite also helps one to receive and to enhance psychic awareness. Ruby Fuschite will help to amplify the body's energy field which in turn will aid healing.  Ruby Fuschite also enhances the connection to spiritual realms and is a wonderful partner to use when connecting and communicating with the Spiritual Realm.

The combination of these two complementary colored crystals is credited with opening and activating the Crown Chakra and is very helpful with deepening meditative states.  A stone for promoting physical vitality, recovery and relief from extended or chronic illness while also aids the strengthening the heart and blood flow/circulation issues. This crystal is also used to encourage one to drop off into a peaceful sleep and/or and/or staying asleep.  

Used in combination with other crystals it helps to amplify their energies and it bolsters awareness and intuition.  This stone will help one with transforming destructive, negative energies into positive, helpful energies.

You will also receive a crystal description card and a drawstring pouch.


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