Sacral Chakra Stained Glass Pyramid Collection (Orange); FB1125

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I really love these pyramid shaped terrariums. Each piece is made with re-purposed materials and they work so well with my crystals. They are so versatile, that I have kept several of these different pieces to use with my crystal grids and other crystal arrangements.
This collection includes a pyramid with a panel of orange stained glass representing the Sacral Chakra.

The Sacral Chakra provides our ability to sense and experience pleasure and enjoyment.

When this chakra is balanced you feel:
Confident in taking risks, creative, committed, passionate, and sexual

When this chakra is unbalanced, you might feel:
Emotional imbalances include inability to express emotions, lack of energy or passion for life, creativity is blocked, an inability to overcome addictions, fear of impotence and betrayal.  Or, you may feel overly emotional much of the time.

Physical symptoms could include issues with the reproductive system, irregular menstrual cycles, irritable bowel syndrome, and joint stiffness.

* This collection includes one handmade pyramid terrarium with one orange stained glass panel
* One orange satin drawstring pouch
* 3 to be announced tumbled stones
* 3  to be announced tumbled stones
* 1 clear quartz tumbled stone
* 1 Sacral Chakra essential oil Reiki charged votive size candle
* 1 cardstock triangle with a sacral chakra affirmation
* 1 sacral Chakra information card
* 3 crystal description cards corresponding to the tumbled stones in the set
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