Sacred Geometry Platonic Solid Collection, Clear Quartz Set of 7 with Wood Box; FB2552

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Geometric crystals are said to be instruments of dialogue between man and God, allowing us to find unity in natures diversity.

This set includes 7 shapes cut from assorted gemstones into tetrahedron, dodecahedron, octahedron, hexahedron, icosahedron, spherical, and pyramid shapes.

These crystals are crafted and polished into the Sacred Geometry "Platonic Solids" - The shapes known to the Ancient Greeks as the repeating patterns which are the building blocks of life. Plato equated the Tetrahedron with Fire, the Cube with earth, the Icosahedron with water, the Octahedron with air, and the Dodecahedron with the constellations and heavens.  

The Platonic Solids are considered to be the archetypal foundation of all forms. They are believed to emit vibrations that are associated with sounds, colors, and nature's elements.  They represent the basic structure of health.

Clear Quartz is fabulous for healing with and amplifying energy.  It is most likely the most versatile "multipurpose" crystal you can find.  It stimulates other crystals so it is wonderful to be used in grid layouts.  It works with all the chakras and is considered to be a "Stone of Power".  Encourages and amplifies positive thinking and thought.   Quartz crystals  have been considered to be sacred powerful tools in many different cultures and traditions.   - aura cleansing, harmony, energy amplifier - 

Keep the functions of the Platonic Solids in mind when creating or using crystal grids with these sacred shapes.  

  • Tetrahedron: Manifestation, increases vitality and stimulates action.
  • Hexahedron: Safety, security, grounding, self-confidence.
  • Octahedron: Integration and balance of the spiritual and material realms.
  • Dodecahedron: Spiritual evolution, clearing of energy, linking to the spiritual.
  • Icosahedron: Transformation, movement, flow and change.
  • Sphere: The sphere symbolizes completion, unity, acceptance, and equality. 
  • Pyramid: Represents the solid foundation of Earth reaching to the Spiritual Consciousness of the Heavens, our spiritual selves.

This collection includes one each of the 7 carved shapes, an info pamphlet, a crystal description card and a wood box with a slot for each carving.

These have been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.

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