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Selenite Carved Pedestal Bowls, strong vibration, Angelic Realm; FB1513

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The carved pedestal selenite bowls measure about 3 3/4" to 4" inches in diameter and are wonderfully smooth with a lovely sheen.

I love selenite and have it everywhere!  These bowls are just fabulous for holding crystals, dried flowers / herbs, jewelry, used as an offering bowl, or for spaces such as a night table or a desk, sacred space or personal altar. 

Many crystal healers believe that selenite is a fabulous crystal for cleansing and charging other crystals and is considered to be centuries old record keepers of information and events.  It is said to help one to "let go" of those things that are painful to us or destructive to our well-being.  Selenite has a very strong vibration, helps you connect with your spiritual guides and guardians, and evokes protection from the Angelic Realm.



Sold Out