Selenite Desert Sand Rose from Morroco FB3201

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I adore these! These are Selenite Sand Rose formations, sometimes also called Selenite Desert Rose.  These lovely formations from Morocco are formed from Selenite, sand, water and I think something magical 🌞

These are fabulous for enhancing focus, mental clarity, manifestation, inspiring self-expression, and unlocking our divine will.

PS: these are somewhat fragile as you can see they are delicately formed with many beautiful patterns. Selenite cannot tolerate water or moisture so be mindful where you display them.

  • A - weighs 1/2 lb, $19
  • B - weighs just under 1/2 lb, $17
  • C - weighs a bit over 1/2 lb, $21
  • D - weighs 1/3 lb, $16

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