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Septarian Hand Polished Generator Standing Points from Madagascar, for balance and tranquility FB1609

$ 119.00

Septarian (Dragonstones) stones have patterns and colors that are so fascinating and complex.  There is a wonderful feeling of a puzzle just waiting to be sorted out when you gaze at these.  

The beautiful patterns created by a mixture of minerals including Calcite, Aragonite, Chalcedony, give this stone many metaphysical properties due to the variety of minerals that make up Septarian.  This is a calming and centering stone, that when meditated with can help you determine answers and help guide you to the right path.  Sometimes called Dragonstones they are said to resonate with a very strong Earth energy and are strong healing stones.  They encourage bonding when placed in a space with a group of people and are also considered to be protective stones.

I sometimes use my standing points in a "non-traditional" way.  I like to place a tarot card, affirmation card or handwritten intention underneath the point and place either in the center of a crystal grid or close to a window for several days, thereby using them as an Affirmation Stone.  

I feel very inspired writing an affirmation or motivational statement and placing it underneath a wand, point, cluster or wordstone leaving it out overnight.  I normally use a generator crystal or point, but for my night table I sometimes will simply use a wand or smaller piece that I am drawn to.  

The large point on the left weighs just under 3 1/2 lbs and measures about 8 1/2" tall, and the point on the right side weighs just under 1 3/4 lbs and measures about 6 1/2" tall.



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