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Serenity, Energize or Insight Soy Candle with Reiki Charged Pottery and Gemstone; FB1294

$ 39.90

Crystal Dragonfly teamed up with Healing Touch Pottery and a New Hampshire candle maker to create beautiful soy candles infused with pure essential oils.  These natural candles are poured into handmade pottery vessels created from clay & clear quartz, which is then Reiki charged.  They feature a lovely dragonfly emblem and a gemstone on the handle of these food-safe containers.

Soy candles burn very cleanly, and will burn evenly in these lovely pieces that you may use afterwards as a mug or holder for your crystals or potpourri.  I've chosen to use pure essential oils, rather than artificial fragrance for their aroma-therapeutic properties to complement the crystals on the handles of the pottery pieces

We've started with Serenity with an amethyst and Insight with a garnet.  These candles also come with a crystal point, tumbled stone or small cluster with a drawstring pouch and two info cards talking about the essential oils chosen, the crystal on the handles and information on these special Reiki charged pieces of pottery.

Once the candle has burned down you can carefully remove the remnants of the wicks and soy candle, wash carefully so you can use the mug as a small planter, a coffee mug, or a lovely container to store and display your crystals.

Each piece is handmade, first by a potter and then by a candle maker before they arrive here for their final touches before heading off to their new homes.  The process takes about 6 weeks so if our stock is depleted at the time you place your order we will let you know the expected ship date.

The soy Serenity Candle - Amethyst on the handle, Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils. In addition to a surprise crystal you will also receive a small pouch with dried Lavender from France.

The soy Insight Candle - Garnet on the handle, Patchouli and Fir Needles essential oils.  In addition to a surprise crystal you will receive a small pouch with some dried Patchouli leaves. 

The soy Energize Candle - Carnelian on the handle, Bergamot and Ginger essential oils.  In addition to a surprise crystal you will receive some dried lemongrass in a small pouch.

Enjoy and many ~Crystal Blessings~



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