Seven Color Lanterns - Chakra Votive Candle Bridge

Regular price $ 14.25

Yay, I am just about done photographing the Satin Collection Chakra Sets! I found these rustic lanterns (5" tall) that are available in all 7 chakra colors but I only received one set so far. Before I placed a large order for them I wanted to see the interest level If you purchased a chakra set you can add one of these lanterns that holds a standard tealight candle in the color that corresponds to your set.

I have actually been using them to keep crystals in They are 14.25 each and I am taking pre-orders for them so I know how many I need to get in. If you would like to pre-order one or more just let me know and I will send an invoice by email and make sure I have some coming in for you. I expect they will be ready to ship in about 2 weeks, maybe a bit less.

A full set of all 7 colors will be $ 77. 00 - If you are interested please let me know by Wednesday, July 6 to be sure I have them for you in my next order (don't forget to let me know the color(s) you want.

The 7 Votive holder with chakra symbols candle bridge is also available for pre-order for $49.00 and will be ready for shipping about the same time.


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