Slab Collection: Maury Mountain Agate, Clear Quartz Turtle, Terrarium, Candle Quartz; FB1272

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I recently chose some slabs, some I had polished on one side and the other half I left natural.  These are beautiful and I adore using stone slabs as a base for crystal grids and to use to place an affirmation under with relevant crystals or other objects above.

This Slab Collection features a large, 8" by 4 3/8" smooth, but not polished Maury Mountain Agate from Oregon.  It has deep, earthy colors and if you examine it closely you will see colors and patterns that are not quite apparent at first.  This is a natural slab and as such has small pits, fissures and other markings that are commonly found with natural rock, minerals or crystals.  The larger sized fissure on this piece has micro crystals inside it and is quite interesting to look at.

Also included in this earthy and nurturing collection are:

1 carved clear quartz turtle spirit animal
1 standing candle quartz point
1 terrarium created with recycled materials
1 packet of ritual black sand
3 crystal description cards 

Each collection is unique and each piece has been chosen with thought, intuition and care, and I only have one of each. These pieces have been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid 

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