Smoky Quartz Cubes from Brazil, Sacred Geometry; FB1681

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Grounding Smoky Quartz cubes from Madagascar, hand carved and hand polished. Smoky Quartz is wonderful for encouraging or grounding your desired intentions in reality, so in effect, they become more attainable.

It is said to assist you in recognizing the things you need to do in order to reach those goals It can enhance ones communication skills, is mood elevating and it bolsters inner strength while helping one to overcome negative emotions.  Wonderful for those times when you are at a crossroads and need to determine which path to take.
These very lovely cubes are a nice size measuring about 7/8" - 1" along each side of the cube.  Each is hand carved and polished so size and colors vary as these are natural stones. The size makes them easy to use them in 2's, 3's, or 4's as part of a crystal grid.
Each one has been retuned with vibrational sound and bathed in moonlight under a copper pyramid.
This new batch ranges from light smoky to a medium dark smoky color.
You will also receive a drawstring pouch and a crystal description card.  Enjoy! 👒

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